Have you been trying to come up with simple and effective ways to invest in your own health? Do you enjoy spending your time in solitude to recoup and rejuvenate? If you said yes to both of those questions (and even if you didn’t), then floatation therapy may just be the thing for you. Floating is a great way to restore your own health and happiness while giving your body the much needed break from daily stresses it requires. Take a look at some of the top benefits of floating below.

Floating relieves tension headaches – UC Irvine confirmed in 2015 that floatation therapy is an excellent treatment for chronic tension headaches. If your shoulders are constantly tense and your neck is tight, sign up for your first float! The suspension of the water will ease your tight muscles and joints, which leads to long-lasting effects.

You’ll enjoy better sleep – Insomnia affects people in various ways but one things is for sure: it’s never pleasant. If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, be sure to try floatation therapy. If you float for just 90 minutes, most people experience the best night of sleep of their lives. This can provide insomnia relief for several weeks. If you enjoy floating, and we believe you will, we’ll hook you up with a monthly membership then you’ll consistently sleep better, and that’s a wonderful thing!

Lower blood pressure – We all know that lowering your blood pressure reduces your risk of major health risks such as strokes, heart disease, and heart attacks. If you’re often in the normal range, floatation therapy can be just as beneficial to your heart. If you could use a little help lowering it, floating is an easy way to manage your blood pressure, no exercise required.

Induces relaxation – Various studies have revealed that floatation therapy is an excellent way to reduce stress and its symptoms. Those who participated in the studies reported improved, happier moods, improved sleep, as well as reduced blood and cortisol levels. Once you give it a try, you’ll discover that floating is an excellent way to shut yourself off from the rest of the world for a while. Once you get into a routine, you may even fall asleep!

Faster muscle recovery – Because you’re taking the pressure off of your body, floating is a great way to reduce the lactic acid and pain levels in your muscles. When you experience less muscle pain and soreness, then you can get back to your favorite sport or activities sooner, therefore you’ll improve faster.

Improved creativity – Because you’re giving your body and mind a break during your floating session, you’ll experience improved creativity after your float session. Floating has also been known to augment problem solving skills and improve energy levels. So, the next time you need a little inspiration, book a float session!

Establish more positive relationships – Here’s a benefit you probably didn’t think of. Many people who float on a regular basis have experienced more positive relationships in their lives. It’s difficult to quantify this benefit, but since floating reduces stress and enhances your feelings of well-being and happiness, you’re likely to feel more connected to others in a positive way.

So what are you waiting for?!? Call or book online today! You will feel great and see benefits after the first float, but to see full benefits it will take a few consecutive floats. For this reason we offer and intro three pack called Tri-Floating for $149!!