So perhaps you’ll think we’re crazy when we suggest that jumping into a tank that produces temperatures which dip below -166 degrees is beneficial, but here’s the thing, it is.

If you’ve heard of cryotherapy before, chances are it was from an athlete or trainer, and for a good reason. Cryotherapy has been known to help individuals who suffer from an array of physical conditions such as inflammation, arthritis, tissue damage, sports injuries, and more.

The idea behind cryo is to get your blood pumping. During a cryo session, your body will go into survival mode. During this time, your blood will be sent to your body’s core where it will pass through the cardiovascular system more times than it does normally. Throughout this process, your blood will be enriched with nutrients, oxygen, and enzymes that are beneficial for your entire body.

Cryo sessions last three minutes, just long enough for your blood to be enriched with good stuff. It was originally developed in 1978 to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, it has been studied and refined in Europe. Now that it’s catching on in the United States, people are discovering its amazing results.

Cryo as brain food

The Cryosauna uses liquid nitrogen, which makes the air a dry cold. Your skin’s temperature will lower to about 30 to 50 degrees F within the two or three minutes. The liquid nitrogen is used to lower the temperatures but your skin will never come in contact with it. Because your skin reacts to the cold, our brain will start to send messages to the rest of your body about what to do. Your brain will then ensure certain parts of your body will start to work to their fullest potential in order to keep you going. It is because of this that many participants report that they feel stimulated and energized after a session.

Once your three minutes is up and you exit the tank, that’s when the real benefits kick in. Your enriched blood will begin to flow back through your body in a process known as vasodilation. This is what makes cryotherapy sessions highly effective for sports recovery and muscle repair. Did you recently have leg day at the gym? You’ll feel some relief in your quads and glutes after a good cryo session.

A great way to seek relief

Many people turn to cryotherapy to treat injuries. For example, if you’ve recently torn a hamstring, cryo is a great way to reduce swelling and give you back some mobility. With an injury like this you’ll find that the soreness will return a few hours later, but cryo will give you the relief you need and time to get the muscles working again, which will speed your recovery.

As an athlete, you’ll also find that cryotherapy will help you with recovery time. Cryo will help your joint and muscle strength increase, which means you can train harder and sooner. During a session, you muscles don’t actually become frozen, which means you can exercise immediately after a session. Unlike traditional ice baths, you won’t need time to recover.

Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, arthritis, an injury, or workout soreness, cryo is a great way to help your body recover. Schedule a session at Total Rejuvenation today to treat your aching body.