Being an athlete, trainer, or coach can be hard on your body. Whether you’re a runner, biker, swimmer, or player, you need to recover fast. The last thing you want it so be slowed down by heavy legs. Fortunately, one of the latest therapies on the market is helping athletes recover faster and more effectively.

NormaTec compression is a leader in rapid recovery. Their compression systems are effective at giving you the competitive edge you need to be the best athlete, coach, or trainer you can be.

The goal of NormaTec is to make recovery an important part of every athlete’s training regimen. When you give your body the help it needs to recover, the faster you’ll be able to get back on the road, court, or path. Choose from one of the 3 sleeve sets; whether it’s your arms, legs, or core that needs the most recovery.

How it works

NormaTec compression devices use their patented PULSE technology to reduce muscle soreness and improve circulation. NormaTec was created by a physician bioengineer to enhance blood flow, allowing for a speedy recovery. The pulsing pattern utilizes three techniques that allow you to fully recover:

Pulsing: These compression devices are different from the standard device because they don’t use static compression, or squeezing. Instead, NormaTec use a pulsing action that mirrors the muscle pump of the legs and arms. As a result, the fluid and metabolites will leave your limbs faster after an intense workout.

Gradients: The veins and lymphatic vessels in our bodies have valves that stop fluid backflow. Much like the body, NormaTec devices hold pressure levels in order to keep the fluids from being sent in the wrong direction. So instead of tapering the pressure, the devices deliver complete pressure to every area of the limbs.

Distal Release: Static pressure on the body can be harmful to its circulatory flow, therefore NormaTec compression devices maintain the pressure once they are no longer needed to prevent backflow. When the pressure is released, each zone in the limb receives maximum rest time with no need for an extensive pause during cycles.

So the next time you’re feeling sore after your game, training session, workout, or run, be sure to schedule a compression session. If you’re in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, visit Total Rejuvenation to experience the NormaTec difference yourself. Sessions can be booked for 30 and 60-minute sessions, so if you’re feeling particularly sore, don’t hesitate to book one now. After all, aren’t you eager to get back out there?